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Outsource Data Conversion Services And XML, HTML, XHTML, PDF, EBook Conversion: Data conversion is the translation of data from one format to the other. Data in an old system is imported into a new database and it can range from a single import to complex procedures where non-relational data needs to be imported, cleansed and split into a number of tables in a new relational database structure. We at Square data entry services provide comprehensive data conversion services to our clients using the latest conversion technologies in the market. We also take pride in a rich pool of human resources which ensures that you achieve the desired data conversion goals.

We are a leading data conversion services company that offers comprehensive solutions using the latest high-speed OCRs and data processors to convert data from one format to the other. Besides converting your files, we ensure that we meet all your formatting needs through a series of Multi-level processes. The company is dedicated to ensuring that all clients get the desired conversion services and we operate efficiently online. You can always contact us for specialized and exclusive data conversion services.

The company focuses on technological innovation and we have pioneered a recommendable number of data conversion projects for many organizations. This also has led to a number of breakthroughs in data conversion at an affordable cost, because we understand the basics of a good and friendly business relationship with our clients. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finances because we offer the best deals in the market.

Our team of experts has the capacity to handle your most complex and time-critical data conversion projects within the anticipated period of time. Additionally, we help our clients to clearly differentiate between the necessary conversion requirements and the appropriate conversion methods, as this will help you in choosing the best methods that suit your data conversion needs. The company also offers a collection of great links to utilities for the conversion of software data and data entry processes that meets clients’ requirements.

Data Conversion Services

» XML Conversion
» HTML or XHTML Conversion
» Image Conversion
» OCR Conversion
» Word, Doc, Rtf Conversion
» XLS, CSV Conversion

XML Conversion

We have professional staff that will help in converting HTML, CSV, Text, Delimited, Doc, XLS, Word, PDF and Document files to XML files. Along these, you will also get XML conversion from hard copies like journals, catalogs and magazines, also convert images any format like gif, tiff or jpg to XML, convert digital formatted files like Microfiche and Microfilm to XML, convert Quark and In- Design files into XML files.

HTML Conversion

With your HTML conversion services, you will be able to get different data from online sites which you can then publish or use on your business when trying to make your business globally recognized.

Image Conversion

Our company provides the best image conversion services in the market. An image is converted into any other format, whereby raw files are changed into images for publication or other studies.

OCR Conversion

OCR conversion is a process whereby one is able to convert the scanned documents into editable or to documents that can be easily found. OCR is a short form for Optical Character Recognition. At virtualousPRO, we are able to perform many OCR conversion processes as we have able and qualified professionals who can handle large volumes of documents within a short period.

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