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Data Entry Services Outsourcing Company India

Data entry is a well-known task when you think to use it for business development or information management. It is a process of entering data into the computer. For the growth of companies, it is one of the important tasks. Such activities help organizations in reaping the benefits for a long period. Provides High Quality Online Data Entry Services, Data Entry (Any type), Copy Paste, Product listing , Online research, Excel data entry, Image to Word or Excel, PDF to Word or Word to PDF, PDF to Excel or Excel to PDF and many more.

Data Entry Services in India: One stop Solution for all your data entry needs.

  1. Data Entry
  2. Online Data Entry
  3. Offline Data Entry
  4. MS Access Data Entry
  5. Excel Data Entry
  6. XML Data Entry
  7. Web Data Entry
  8. Questionnaire Data Entry
  9. Image Data Entry
  10. Insurance Claim Data Entry
  11. Restaurant Data Entry
  12. Copy Paste Services
  13. Web Research

Data Processing Services:

  1. Data Processing
  2. Data Entry Outsource
  3. Form Processing
  4. Data Conversion
  5. Check Processing
  6. Insurance Claim Entry
  7. Insurance Claim Processing
  8. Book Conversion

Online data entry :

It is a process of entering information into online databases or applications. This service includes medical forms, shipping documents, insurance claims, e-books and catalogs data entry. Outsourcing companies have reliable resources like high-speed broadband connection and well configured computer system to accomplish the task rapidly and accurately.

Offline data entry :

It includes offline form filling, offline database entry, URL list collection, offline data collection etc. It is most requirements of various types of businesses like telecoms, medical, insurance, social, commercial, financial and others. To complete this task speedily, offshore outsourcing company have skilled experts with good typing speed and latest IT equipments. 

Tecual Manual Data Entry: offers high level Outsource Service which covers Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Image Data Entry, Insurance Claim Entry, Database Data Entry, Book Data Entry, Yellow Pages Data Entry, Directory Data Entry Excel Data Entry Legal Document Entry along with Accounting Data Entry for Offshore Clients.

Mailing Lists Data Entry:

We offer cost-effective and comprehensive Mailing Lists Data Entry Services to assist businesses to attain their marketing objectives.  Our mailing lists compilation services include: Compiling name, address, city, state, zip code and country of the target audience, Creating an email database for businesses, Managing and updating an existing email database. Compiling consumer and business mailing lists. Data Entry Data Mining Web Research Web Data Scraping Linkedin Data Research Mailing List Contacts and Email Research Skip Tracing PDF Conversion Email Gathering

Numeric data entry:

It is a process of managing digits or numeric information and data into various formats like HTML, XML, EXCEL, WORD and Access. In this service includes medical billing, examination results, identity details, business reports, survey report, estimated budget, numeric information and more... It is very complicated task, outsourcing company make it easier with its expertise. For outsourcing just send requirements in any format and sure get quality output.

Data Digitization :

Data digitization is another important part of any organization. However, it is not the core part of business activity. The process includes conversion of physical and manual records like images, text, video and audio into digital formats. The companies who provide such type of services don't have to worry about the type of documents. There are many technologies and skilled staff that works on providing such type of service. This staff carries years of experience in this field and are well trained and highly qualified. They ensure the proper conversion of unstructured data into different digital formats like TXT, SGML, MS, MS Word, PDF, XML and RTF as per your requirement.

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