Achieve efficiency through cheap data entry services

Lower operational costs

If you want to improve the profitability of your business and want to do it very quickly, a natural solution is to lower the operating costs. Any SMB can control and minimize its operational costs by outsourcing data entry services.

Better quality

Apart from reducing the operating cost, you can avail quality services that will ultimately help your business run smoothly. Outsourcing data entry services is your only solution if you have a large volume of work coming every month.

Pay only for the work done

While outsourcing the business tasks, it is only essential to pay for the work done by the service provider. This helps to save most of the money related to fixed costs and recurring expenses for your business.

Accurate and inexpensive data entry is made easy with our affordable data entry services..

Perfect Data entry services and solutions for your business

Are you looking for affordable data entry services? Then you have come to the right place. virtualousPRO provides the most reliable, secure and low-cost data entry services which include online data entry, data management and analytics, professional web research, data processing, data conversion, data entry from images and PDF files, working with spreadsheets and databases, data cleansing, and de-duplication, copy-paste tasks, editing and sorting of data at an affordable price. As low as $4/hr only.

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Data Entry Services:

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Data Entry

Get professional help with typing and data entry operations for your business at an affordable price.

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CRM Databases

Our company will help you build, manage, and optimize your CRM database.

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Data Processing

We will help you sort through and organize data in the best way possible. Get in touch with us for a quote.

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WordPress Data Entry

Our WordPress assistants will take care of administrative work or WordPress data entry task of your website.

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Data Cleansing

Our company provides data cleansing services which include data quality checks, de-duplication, data enrichment at a low price.

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B2B Data Entry

virtualousPRO helps you to find verified business emails of your prospects and leads with their job title, company, website, location, LinkedIn URL.

Best Data Entry Services Provider in 2022

Since our inception in 2010, virtualousPRO has been a leading data entry company in India. Our established team of data entry professionals provides the best data entry services India has to offer by employing proven strategies and techniques that deliver exceptional results.

Our team of expert data entry professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch data entry services at an affordable price. All you have to do is tell us what you need done—and we’ll take care of everything else! We even give you a personalized quote within 24 hours, so that there are no unpleasant surprises when your bill arrives at the end of the month.

One of our top priorities is to provide affordable data entry services that are second to none. That’s why we offer high-quality products at competitive prices. For example, many other companies will charge you $10/hr for basic data entry—but at virtualousPRO, you only pay $4/hr no matter how complex it is. We keep our prices low by encouraging team members to work fast and efficiently while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

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virtualousPRO is focused on providing powerful data entry services; we provide information management and data processing services designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our sole mission is to provide a single source of services to customers for the complete, accurate, and timely data entry and delivery of information in critical areas such as data entry, database management, data processing, data analytics, data visualization and complete data management solutions. We specialize in offering customized services that allow our customers to outsource their paper problems. From our wide range of services, virtualousPRO can design, develop and support your data solution needs.

For more than 12 years, our data entry specialists have been providing a comprehensive range of high-volume, high-quality, timely data entry to corporate, industrial, commercial and institutional clients. With an emphasis on customer service, innovation, and flexibility, all our services are designed in concert with our clients to ensure that the unique requirements are addressed with affordable cost-effectiveness. Customer satisfaction is assured through our ongoing, intensive quality control and continuous improvement programs.

Our comprehensive approach to outsourced data entry means our specialists will take care of everything from curating and cross-checking data to data management and daily reporting. We seamlessly integrate data into your preferred CRM systems as well — the only thing you would be doing is review our work and approve.

Data Entry Services Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Data Entry Service ( s ) Cost Per Hour
Web Research Data Entry $5/hr
Data processing $4/hr
Offline and online data entry $4/hr
Invoice Data Entry $4/hr
eCommerce Data Entry $5/hr
Cheap Data Cleansing Services $4/hr
Typing Data Entry $4/hr
Offline Data Entry $4/hr
Copy Paste Data Entry $3.59/hr
Data Conversion from PDF to Excel Data Entry $4/hr
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Why Should you outsource data entry to virtualousPRO?

With the outsourcing of data entry services, most providers are able to concentrate on improving their core services and need only worry less about their daily clerical works. Our data entry specialists also provide customized data management solutions, suiting the requirements of client companies at a very reasonable price. Contact us for cheap outsourcing services.

Grow Your Business with Our Cheap Data Entry Outsourcing Solutions.

We are an agile team of data entry experts always ready to support your business with our data entry services. No need for an in-house data entry team, outsource all of your data entry projects to us and we will manage them efficiently with 100% security. Outsource data entry requirements to India and save 65% cost today.

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Why choose virtualousPRO for your data entry projects?

Our staff is what separates us from the competition. Behind the scenes, you’ll find a dedicated team of highly trained individuals working towards the same goal: Providing our business owners and professionals with the best data entry services possible.

Here at virtualousPRO, your needs are our priority. We make sure that they are met on time and in quality. We have a team of data entry experts with professional experience in the area of lead generation and marketing support.

All of our staff are fully employed by virtualousPRO guaranteeing our quality service standards and vibrant company culture. Learn More About Us

  • Dedicated Data Entry Team: We are a virtual assistant agency and we have separate teams for each work type. We have a dedicated cell of data entry specialists working 24×7 for your convenience. Write to us now!
  • Security: We are committed to providing security to your data. Our data protection team works 24×7 to ensure theft or loss of your precious data. We also sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Accurate And Efficient: While our data entry experts will provide you with 100% accurate data, you can increase the efficiency of your employees by focusing on core activities in your company.

Our Outsourced Data Entry Can Save You Time, Money.

Distinct challenges require distinct solutions. We work with some of the leading startups, small businesses and corporate organizations to build better business data management through accurate, secured and affordable and cheap data entry solutions.

virtualousPRO provides their clients with perfect data entry outsourcing services including online data entry services, Data Processing Services, Image Data Entry, PDF to Excel data entry, data validation and enrichment services for your business.

Our company has been providing the most reliable and affordable data entry services with 100% quality results. which include online and offline data entry, data processing, data conversion, data entry from images and PDF files and data cleansing, copy-paste tasks, editing and sorting of data at an affordable price.

At virtualousPRO, the data entry services offered to our clients is the best in terms of:

  • Experience
  • Efficiency
  • Affordability

We are a data entry services provider who believes in forging strong relationships or partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to offer affordable data entry services as well as adhering to the highest excellence standards.

Affordable Data Entry Services We Offer Includes:

Effective and accurate data entry helps in the smooth running of every business. virtualousPRO provides high-quality data entry at an affordable price including data entry of all types, copy-paste, E-commerce data entry, online research and data entry to google sheet, excel data entry, image to word or excel, PDF to word or word to PDF, PDF to excel or excel to PDF and many more.

1. Online Data Entry

It is a process of entering information into online databases or applications. This service includes medical forms, shipping documents, insurance claims, e-books, and catalog data entry. Outsourcing companies have reliable resources like high-speed broadband connections and well-configured computer systems to accomplish the task rapidly and accurately.

2. Offline Data Entry

It includes offline form filling, offline database entry, URL list collection, offline data collection, etc. It is required by various types of businesses like telecoms, medical, insurance, social, commercial, financial and others. To complete this task speedily, offshore outsourcing companies such as virtualousPRO have skilled experts with good typing speed and the latest IT equipment.

3. Manual Data Entry

virtualousPRO offers high-level manual data entry outsourcing services which cover online data entry, offline data entry, image data entry, insurance claim entry, database data entry, book data entry, yellow page data entry, directory data entry, excel data entry, legal document entry along with accounting data entry for offshore clients.

4. Mailing Lists Data Entry

We offer cost-effective and comprehensive mailing lists data entry to assist businesses to attain their marketing objectives. Compiling the names, address, city, state, zip code and country of the target audience, creating an email database for businesses, managing and updating an existing email database. Compiling consumer and business mailing lists.

5. Numeric Data Entry

It is a process of managing digits or numeric information and data into various formats like html, xml, excel, word and access. This service includes medical billing, examination results, identity details, business reports, survey reports, estimated budget, numeric information and more.

6. Data Digitization Service

Data digitization is another important part of any organization. However, it is not the core part of business activity. The process includes the conversion of physical and manual records like images, text, video and audio into digital formats.

7. Web Data Mining

Data is collected from various sources such as search engines, excel sheets, mailing lists, social media, and more to be analyzed for various patterns and trends so that it can be used for downstream processing.

8. Data Processing

Processing heaps of data is a time-consuming task and can deviate you from concentrating on other important activities. Outsourcing large volume data processing services will be a good option and will allow you to apply your resources for other tasks.

9. WordPress Data Entry

Do You Need WordPress Data Entry Assistant? Any Types Of Data Entry Services with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Don’t worry! You come to the right place!. Any type of WordPress data entry service with 100% guaranteed! Please do not hesitate to contact us for WordPress data entry projects.

10. Data Cleansing

Our company provides data cleansing services which include data quality checks, de-duplication, data enrichment at a low price.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

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“We can highly recommend VirtualousPRO. Fast, efficient, with great attention to detail and always happy to oblige.”
“We’ve been working with virtualousPRO for the past two years. They provide high-quality, accurate web research and data entry tasks with fast turnaround. Communication between our companies is always smooth.”
“Work was delivered timely and exactly according to my criteria. I sent him the project on a Thursday and it was finished Sunday. Saved me a lot of time!”
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