20 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Looking to hire a VA to help you with your real estate business? Then check out this list of the 24 best real estate virtual assistant services to find the perfect VA for your budget and business needs.

Virtual Assistants for Realtors

Time management, one of the biggest dilemmas realtors face. Although many of the agents use forward calls, it is never easy to negotiate an ongoing deal with a prospect client or to simply answer their many queries. This leaves them with bulks of voice messages to deal with and clients loss because of unavailability.

So how can a realtor be effective, working alone? 

How can a realtor manage time effectively? 

And how can a realtor not only get the job done and make a good living, but have a somewhat balanced life? 

For one thing, a realtor needs to have a firm grip on time management. The answer to this, and one that can certainly help free up time for a realtor, is to have a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (RVA).

What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

By the simplest definition, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is an independent contract worker who provides administrative, creative, or technical supports to real estate agents and firms who aren’t looking to hire an inhouse assistant.

The idea of having a Real Estate Virtual Assistant service for real estate firms therefore seems like the best solution.

A real estate agent can rest assured knowing that all appointments with the clients queries, emails made to their firm will be attended to in the most professional manner by a dedicated VA team. This is where we come in. virtualousPRO specializes in providing affordable virtual assistant services.

What Does a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

A real estate virtual assistant can help you with Online Research, Data Entry, Basic Bookkeeping, data sourcing, administrative Real Estate Tasks, Sending out daily newsletters, Social media management, Manage Property listings, Personal Tasks and many more monotonous admin tasks which you can delegate to a real estate Virtual Assistant, your time will become better organized, which will boost your productivity.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Real estate is a highly demanding industry. Running an agency or even an independent practice can take a huge chunk of your time. From paperwork to renovations, open house, and promotions, running a realty company can be overwhelming. Why not focus efforts on enhancing your core competencies and leave the paper work to a real estate virtual assistant?
20 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Real Estate Virtual Assistant
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