Virtual Administrative Assistant That You Can Rely On.

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Affordable Virtual Administrative Assistant

Overwhelmed with the administrative demands of running your business? Do you want to efficiently grow your business at a fraction of the costs? Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant may be one of the best decisions you can make.

Our Virtual Administrative Assistant will provide administrative support to businesses working across multiple computer applications within MS Office Suite and several web-based applications. The Virtual Administrative Assistant will focus on producing high-quality deliverables with less amount of cost than in-house administrative assistants.

Top Virtual Administrative Assistant Tasks You Can Outsource:

What Is a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

A virtual Administrative Assistant is a person who performs various clerical and administrative tasks that are required in order to ensure the proper functioning of an organization and help them stay focused and productive, which also ensures the organization continues to run smoothly. Whether you need someone to provide administrative support or deliver creative inputs for social media marketing, the possibilities of what a virtual assistant can do are endless.

Types Of Virtual Administrative Assistants:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Business Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant


Personal Assistant

A personal business assistant differs from a clerical worker or secretary, as the duties are more diverse for a personal assistant. A personal assistant will do whatever is needed to make the business run smoothly and will do whatever is necessary to make the business owner’s life run smoothly also.

Business Assistant

Hiring a virtual business assistant is absolutely essential if you feel overwhelmed with workload or You are having a hard time getting everything done. As a small business owner, you wear way too many hats. Take one off and hire a business assistant to handle your marketing needs for you.

Marketing Assistant

If you are a business owner you’ve come to realize that marketing your business online has massive potential for huge profits. But if you’ve done your research on internet marketing, you’ve probably also realized that there are so many different ways to market online and many of it takes time and effort. This is where Marketing Assistant can be your answer.

Top Virtual Administrative Assistant Tasks

List of top virtual administrative assistant tasks you can delegate or outsource to us to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

A Virtual Administrative Assistant is capable of take care of the same duties as your physical assistant except bringing you a coffee or any physical goods. If you are wondering what duties can you delegate to a virtual administrative assistant, here you can find the most common virtual assistant duties you can delegate-

  • Personal tasks
  • Providing Basic Customer Support
  • Blog, website or forum maintenance
  • PDF Conversion and splitting PDF files and edit
  • Payroll duties: calculating hours, adding expenses, updating salaries
  • Database building, data entry and updates (sales, contacts, CRM, etc.).
  • Managing emails, responding to customer inquiries
  • Proofreading documents and writeups.
  • Database Building and Updating CRM contacts
  • Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs and excel
  • Transcription of Video and Audio Files

Marketing Admin Assistant Tasks:

  • Creating a New List in Email Marketing
  • Online Research
  • Building Contact Database for marketing campaigns
  • Sending out newsletters
  • Adding contacts to CRM and updating profiles
  • Posting and Scheduling Social Media Posts
  • Upload Videos on YouTube
  • Answer inquiries and Messages on All Channels
  • Data Cleansing
  • Company Research
  • Market Research
  • Create forms or surveys for customer feedback.
  • Manage Instagram accounts
  • Follow and Unfollow on Instagram
  • Managing Google Spreadsheet and update
  • Assisting SEO agencies
  • Assisting Marketing agencies with all admin duties

The Advantages Of Getting Virtual Administrative Assistant Services:

Managing office expenses is the biggest challenge for a small business owner or a startup business owner. The salaries handed out to the staff alone are a fortune each month and this can keep the business on a back foot. Hiring an online virtual admin assistant would help get rid of these expenses and let the business owner enjoy a bigger share of his profits.

Here Are The Reasons Why Hiring A Virtual Administrative Assistant Is Vital:

  • Delegation: While delegating administrative tasks to a virtual assistant, an entrepreneur can now place his focus on bigger opportunities than be overpowered by tasks that others can easily do for them.
  • Cost-effective: Since a virtual assistant works remotely from the client’s office, this saves the entrepreneur from cashing out on office expenses.
  • Urgent needs are met: A growing business may tackle short-term projects that have quick turnarounds that may require immediate action by a virtual assistant.
  • Business-Minded: A virtual assistant is one who also oversees daily operations, spots gaps and inconsistencies, thus ensuring business is on the right track.

What are you waiting for? Take that bold step. Hire a virtual admin assistant today!