Maintenance, Security, Backups & Support by WordPress Virtual Assistant

WordPress virtual assistant is someone who manages your WordPress blog from setting up to design and layout customization to maintenance on a regular basis. They are responsible for both WordPress maintenance and customization, including activating and updating WordPress themes and plugins, Website backups, Site speed test, Search engine optimization and Website content upload, etc.

virtualousPRO is a leading WordPress Virtual Assistant provider, helping businesses build, maintain, and improve the performance and security of their WordPress websites.


  • Weekly Updates
  • Offsite Backups
  • Plugin updates, theme updates
  • Technical WP Support
  • WordPress Web Design
  • WordPress Landing Page Design

Affordable WordPress Virtual Assistant & Website Maintenance Services

WordPress is a dynamic platform. Almost every month they send new updates to their users, which help to enhance the functionalities and security of their websites and blogs. Without proper updates, your website will become prone to malicious attacks and unauthorized access.

Hire A WordPress Virtual Assistant for managing your WordPress blog or assist you while you develop a website for your client


What Does A WordPress Virtual Assistant Exactly Do?

There is a huge list of tasks that should be done to keep your website running smoothly. The most time-sensitive of these are website security updates and SEO. Without these, your website has the potential to be an actual danger to those who click on it.

With that in mind, here is a list of WordPress virtual assistant tasks that should be delegated regularly:

  • Professional WordPress Development
  • Weekly Updates
  • Offsite Backups
  • Plugin updates, theme updates
  • Technical WP Support
  • WordPress Web Design
  • WordPress Landing Page Design
  • Support for Woocommerce Store Websites
  • WP Website Migration
  • Content management and regular blog posting
  • Search engine optimization


Why choose virtual assistant as your WordPress Assistant

If you’re a small business owner with a WordPress website and looking for affordable WordPress virtual assistant services, you’ve come to the right place.

But why choose virtual assistant as your WordPress Assistant?

The main reason why small businesses should consider hiring a WordPress assistant is that you can either invest time or money into it.

WordPress virtual assistant will cost you 10x cheaper than a full-time WordPress developer and save you a lot of time and will make sure your website runs smoothly.

  • Certified Professional Assistants
  • Pay only for the time you use
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed
  • Proficient with WordPress
  • Dedicated teams
  • Affordable Pricing that fits your budget

Here’s A List Of Top Essential Tasks A WordPress Virtual Assistant Does:

WordPress websites must be maintained in a regular manner to ensure the proper functioning of the site. It takes months to program and develop your website, but if you don’t maintain it regularly, it could eventually collapse and all your hard work and investment could go down the drain!

WordPress Installation & Configuration

We make the installation and configuration a stress-free process owing to our rich industrial experience. Our development team deploys its skills and experience to make this process simple.

WordPress Responsive Design

As a trusted WordPress web design company, we develop web solutions that offer a pleasing look and feel on varied devices. We ensure the best functionality and appearance of the website over different browsers and devices.

WordPress Migration

WordPress Migration is a complex job but we can make it easy for you. We can swiftly switch your website to a new host with no loss of data. Our expertise empowers us to accelerate the entire migration process.

WordPress CMS Development

We specialize in making the content creation process simpler and quicker to keep your site updated all the time. By leveraging the features of WP CMS, we craft a website that is easy to manage and comply with standards.

WordPress Support

We have technically sound developers who will work efficiently to update and maintain your site. They have prior experience in offering technical support and maintenance services to keep pace with the updates.

WordPress Bug Fixation

We can fix all the flaws related to your existing WordPress site, so it can run without any glitch. Our quality analysts work dedicatedly to check the functionality and usability of the website and ensure its optimum performance.

eCommerce Product Upload

Our Assistants will help you research products, edit images and will upload to your WooCommerce website. We can help with Photo upload, Category management, Posting article, Page creation, Page editing, Post-editing, Many More.

Directory Listing Services

We are a professional data entry expert and have extensive working knowledge of WordPress and Woo-commerce and other WordPress directory listing plugins and can help you with researching data on the web and uploading it into your WordPress website.

WordPress Data Entry

Do You Need WordPress Data Entry Assistant? Any Types Of Data Entry Services with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Don’t worry! You come to the right place!. Any type of WordPress data entry service with 100% guaranteed! Please do not hesitate to contact us for WordPress data entry projects.


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